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The first German-speaking rape portal with cum-guarantee. We shoot our films with genuine amateurs and under realistic conditions. This guarantees realistic rape films that don't leave any desire unanswered.

We don't show any SM films, but hard fuck films. We don't show any corporal punishment. Instead, you'll get lots of sperm, golden shower and alcohol abuse.

The films are ready for you to download in the best DivX quality. You can use the films for private use and copy them to DVD without any restrictions. We wish you lots of pleasure with the films of your choice.

Questions for participating in Raperoom.

What is Raperoom.net?
Raperoom.net is a realistic Fantasy room where sexual rape fantasies can be carried out. All participants are at least 18 years of age and participate out of their own free will.

How is a Raperoom organized?
First, the rape victim describes how she imagines her rape. The participants are obligated to follow her rules. Not doing so is not allowed.

How is the film production organized?
Before the start of the production, the male participants are told the rape fantasies of the girl. After that, the shoot is without major interruptions.

Do I stay anonymous?
Yes, absolutely. During the production, you'll wear a full-face ski mask in which you'll be unrecognizable.

What is an ID Shot?
Before start of the production, we make an ID Shot. This means that we take a picture of you and your ID (Passport or other identification) to show that you are of legal age. After that you'll need to sign a contract in which you allow us to photograph and film you. These documents will never be disclosed to others.

Do I need a HIV test?
Yes, the test must not be older than 4 weeks and must not be anonymous.

Who organizes a Raperoom and where?
The Raperoom is organized by our Business Partner in NRW, Germany. After your admission, you'll be contacted by our Business Partner who informs you of the important details.

Whom should I contact?
For questions about the homepage and individual films, you'll contact
Club Express.
For questions about the organization, you'll contact our Business
For questions about the fee, you'll contact our Billing Partner.

Questions about Raperoom film download.

Am I allowed to put a film on DVD?
Yes, but only for your private use.

Am I allowed to pass on a film to someone else?
No, a film may not be passed on as data, DVD or any other means for payment, exchange or for free.

Do I have to pay damages if I infringe the copyright?
Yes! For any infringement of copyright, we demand a royalty and a compensation of 5000 euro for each film, plus the cost of investigation and legal assistance. Moreover we bring charges against that person.

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